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Fishing, Whale Watching & Beach Going

For four centuries, boats have come in and out of Plymouth Harbor. Many of these craft have been fishing vessels, bringing home fresh fish to support their families and the wider community.

At 1620 Anglers, we honor the area’s maritime heritage and traditions with our series of sightseeing and fishing charters.

Whether you are new to the water, or a seasoned veteran of fishing and the ocean, our charters provide adventure, fun, and stories that you will share with families and friends for years to come.

The 1620 Difference

Our team at 1620 Anglers does not simply take clients onto the water, then hope for the best.

We invest effort, money, and time into making sure that our fishing charters produce for our valued clients. 

In addition to the intuition that lifelong fishermen in Plymouth all have, we apply our unique approach. This means leveraging technology, conducting advanced analysis of tides and lunar phases, and putting into practice our own proprietary methods of finding the best fishing spots. 

Many Ways to Experience Fun On the Water

With four centuries of tradition and the most advanced technology and methods in hand, we create enjoyable experiences on the water for a wide range of clients. Some come for the excitement of open-ocean fishing. Others prefer to enjoy a relaxing cruise or to explore local sites.

Whatever your preference, we have an adventure for you.

Fishing Charters

We offer a range of charter options, most of which allow for fishing part or most of the time.

For those with all day to enjoy the excitement of open-ocean fishing, we have an exciting day planned for you. You can enjoy ten hours of exciting fishing on the open ocean or half day trips closer to shore or in an open boat. 

Every excursion is supported by accurate scientific analysis, making sure that we provide the best opportunity possible to catch fish.  

Whale Watching

Some prefer to fish. Others prefer to watch. 

On a 1620 Anglers Whale Watching cruise, you have the opportunity to do both. 

If you enjoy watching the most magnificent and intelligent beasts of the sea, our special charter for viewing whales provides the best opportunity. Our team uses the same analysis to find likely sites to view whales as it does to find fish to catch. 

Take five hours to enjoy the sun and sea breezes while watching these beautiful creatures in their natural environment. If you want to fish during this excursion, we can work that in as well. 


Find out why those in and around Plymouth call Brown’s Bank a “hidden jewel.” Our charters explore the beautiful bays situated around this scenic sandbar. Enjoy checking out these pure sandy beaches, perfect for walking, fishing, or appreciating wildlife and incredible views. 

No matter what draws you to the ocean, 1620 Anglers has an experience waiting for you. Check out all of our water excursion options on our website today.  We trust that you will not find a more enjoyable or productive expedition on the ocean in our area.

Reach Out Today

Ready to join us on an exciting and fun ocean adventure? At 1620 Anglers, we enjoy helping our clients enjoy themselves, catch fish, and even learn something while taking our charters. If you need more details, we invite you to call or message us. 

Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to walk you through the details of our different charter services. 

They can also schedule your next exciting trip with us. Call today to start planning an amazing experience on the Atlantic, enjoying all that our half or full day trips have to offer.